splash car wash
It may seem like a good idea at the time but you really shouldn’t wash your car at home. With a lot more adults being home, and the kids home for Summer, washing the car may be a go to activity. Or you think by going DIY you are going to save money or water...
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road trip
The next few months are prime time for road trips. Whether you are going cross country or just a state over – you want to be prepared for the unexpected. Nothing like having your car break down to really put a damper on your vacation. While some things are unavoidable, these 11 things should be...
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It’s that time of the year, when germs are flowing and noses are blowing. The flu seems more contagious than ever which has us on antibacterial overload.  In the process, we do our best to keep the products we use at home and for our family nontoxic, natural and chemical free – so the same...
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Milford Splash Office
Exciting things are happening here at Splash Car Wash. Our corporate offices moved to the beautiful city of Milford, CT. We spent previous years split between a few different car wash locations, an office in Greenwich and even some home offices. Now, all departments are together at one space. From management to marketing and IT...
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