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In-Bay Automatic

Our in-bay automatic car washes offer 24/7 car washing availability, allowing the customer the choice between high-pressure washing or soft touch washing. Once the customer selects and pays for their desired wash, they are instructed to pull their vehicle into the bay and are then able to leave the car unattended. During the wash, the car wash technology circles the car with a soap application before high-pressure or soft cloths clean the car. Service add-ons are available in these bays.


For those DIYers, our self-service bays provide a wand that the customer can use to apply soap and high pressure to clean the car. Some bays also provide a foaming soft-bristle brush to help with those extra dirty vehicles. The cycle also provides a rinse feature as well as some added services. The self-service bays are perfect for vans and trucks not able to use a conventional carwash. Services are available 24/7.

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