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Express Exterior Services

Our Automated Express Exterior Wash focuses on only the exterior of the vehicle, using the industry’s latest car wash equipment with the use of the finest soaps and wax available.

Our Handwash Services include:

The WorksSuper ShineWheels ExpressWheels Express
Splash Hot Wax
Splash Foam Polish
Splash Clearcoat Sealer
Splash Tire Shine
Splash Wheel Brite
Undercarriage Wash
Windows Cleaned
Interior Vacuumed
Dash & Door Jams Wiped
Full Service Handwash

Splash Office Headquarters
472 Wheelers Farms Rd., Suite 304
Milford, CT 06461

Phone: 203-324-5400

map of western Connecticut with pins next to Brewster, NY and Yorktown, NY. There is a "3" east of Waterbury, CT, a "4" over New Haven, CT, and a "5" over Bridgeport, CT