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Express Exterior

The latest technologies and finest soaps available are part of the Express Wash process at Splash with the goal of producing a clean, shiny, dry car in no time. There are extra services available to provide additional protection for your car – including Hot Wax, Clearcoat Sealer, and Splash’s Salt-X for your car’s underbody.

Our vacuum system is unparalleled for suction allowing customers to clean the interior of their cars quickly and thoroughly at no charge.

Splash Office Headquarters
472 Wheelers Farms Rd., Suite 304
Milford, CT 06461

Phone: 203-324-5400

map of western Connecticut with pins next to Brewster, NY and Yorktown, NY. There is a "3" east of Waterbury, CT, a "4" over New Haven, CT, and a "5" over Bridgeport, CT