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Splash Express Detailing Services

Want your car detailed inside and out but can’t be without your car? Try one of our while-you-wait Express Detailing Services. In 20 minutes or less, choose from an exterior coat of wax, the carpets shampooed or the interior air-tooled, cleaned and conditioned – and much more! No appointment is necessary. Oversized or heavily soiled cars may take longer with additional charges.

Express Polish – $39.99*

Super Interior – $39.99*

Carpet Express – $39.99*

*All prices are displayed without sales tax and do not include a car wash

*Bohemia, Northport & Liverpool NY have different prices/and packages. Visit site for more details.

Splash Office Headquarters
472 Wheelers Farms Rd., Suite 304
Milford, CT 06461

Phone: 203-324-5400

map of western Connecticut with pins next to Brewster, NY and Yorktown, NY. There is a "3" east of Waterbury, CT, a "4" over New Haven, CT, and a "5" over Bridgeport, CT