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The History of
Splash Car Wash

Splash Car Wash was founded by lifelong Greenwich, Connecticut residents Mark Curtis and Chris Fisher. In 1981, with the purchase of Carl’s Auto Bath in Greenwich.  Curtis & Fisher operated the single wash as The Tahiti Auto Spas and then the Car Wash of Greenwich.  A second tunnel was added in 1994 bringing the innovative concept of washing cars by hand on conveyor to the area.  It was then that the name “Splash” was introduced.

Since then, Splash has grown to meet a wide range of automotive maintenance needs: full-service hand wash, express car wash, car detailing, and oil change. Splash Car Wash now operates over 60 locations throughout Connecticut, New York, and soon Massachusetts, is among the largest car-care companies in the country.

After more than 40 years in business, what Curtis and Fisher started as a simple, turnkey business has morphed into a major automotive care operation employing more than 1,000 people and washing over one million vehicles each year.

Serving Our Communities

Even during its rapid expansion, Splash Car Wash has continued to maintain its commitment to the communities it serves. Since its first fundraising event in 1985 with the A.R.C. of Greenwich, Splash Car Wash has raised over $3 million for many local organizations, charities and associations throughout Connecticut, New York and Vermont. Splash handles requests from over 400 charitable organizations each year.

Cars in line for a carwash

Reach Us

Splash Office Headquarters
472 Wheelers Farms Rd
Suite 304
Milford, CT 06461

203-324-5400 Phone

Carwash brushes

Splash Office Headquarters
472 Wheelers Farms Rd., Suite 304
Milford, CT 06461

Phone: 203-324-5400

map of western Connecticut with pins next to Brewster, NY and Yorktown, NY. There is a "3" east of Waterbury, CT, a "4" over New Haven, CT, and a "5" over Bridgeport, CT