Splash Car Wash is a 20 site car wash and detailing company with a unique approach to customer car care! Splash’s in-tunnel hand wash technique provides your car with the attention and detail your car craves. Splash offers while-you-wait express detailing and a more comprehensive drop off Five Star Detailing every day. Many of our locations offer traditional express conveyor washes and a number provide oil change services on site. Splash Car Wash was founded by Mark Curtis and Chris Fisher with the opening of their first hand wash — Splash, Greenwich. Both lifelong Greenwich, CT residents Curtis and Fisher cast aside their business suits and ties to immerse themselves in suds and water with the purchase of Greenwich Car Wash in 1981. Eventually renamed Splash Car Wash in 1994, to mark a totally innovative concept developed by Curtis and Fisher for washing cars on conveyor by hand in a tunnel, overwhelming response to their new hand wash became the catalyst for phenomenal growth at Splash.

In the News

Grace for Vets, an organization promoting free carwashes for veterans and active-duty personnel on Veterans Day each year, today announced that 5,429 carwash locations in four countries participated in this year’s event.  It is estimated that 434,000 free washes were provided for the veterans and service personnel.  Grace for Vets had hoped to reach 5,000...
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When you think Splash – you think Car Wash. When we think Splash, we think of the hundreds of amazing employees behind that name. It takes a lot to keep our 19 washes running smoothly, and we are so thankful to the team we have helping us do just that. This year, we are proud...
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19 Locations and Growing!

Come visit one of our 19 locations in Connecticut and New York for car washes, detailing services  and oil changes at select locations. There is a Splash near you.

Give Your Car a Showroom Look

Our Express Detailing services can have your car detailed in 20 minutes or select from our Five Star Detailing services to have your car restored to a showroom finish.

Handwash & Automated Car Washes

We are known for our Handwash car washes with additional traditional automated washes at select locations.


Want to give your car that showroom look? Leave your car with us and in less than 4 hours we'll have your vehicle restored and rejuvenated to a showroom look and feel!


Want your car detailed inside and out but can't be without your car? In less than 20 minutes we can protect your car’s exterior with a coat of wax, carpets and interior cleaned and have you on your way!