Road Trip Season: 11 Things To Keep In Your Car

The next few months are prime time for road trips. Whether you are going cross country or just a state over – you want to be prepared for the unexpected. Nothing like having your car break down to really put a damper on your vacation. While some things are unavoidable, these 11 things should be kept in your car to help in certain situations along the way.

  1. First Aid Kit: For those unexpected cuts and scrapes, a basic first aid kit will be great.
  2. Flashlight + Extra Batteries: You never know when you might need some extra light.
  3. Basic Tools: A screwdriver, wrench and utility knife are great to keep in the glove box or trunk.
  4. Phone Charger: Nothing worse than your phone dying when you need it most. Keep an extra in the car – and also an adapter if you need it.
  5. Gloves: It is always a good idea to keep your hands protected, especially if you have to go under the hood.
  6. Extra Clothes: A couple extra layers and jackets are great to have on hand… think an unexpected rain storm.
  7. Tow Rope + Bungee Cords: You will need another car’s assistance but these will help you get pulled out if you get stuck somewhere.
  8. Light sticks: These are bright enough to be seen day or night to help make you visible to other cars.
  9. Jumper Cables: Just in case your car dies.
  10. Water + Snacks: Never know when the kids will get hungry – and in case you break down, these will help keep you satisfied until help arrives.
  11. Kitty Litter: If you get stuck in mud or snow, poor some kitty litter for better traction.

In addition to packing these essentials, it is a good idea to get your car looked over by a mechanic before any long trip. Also, stop by and see us for a wash and detail for crystal clear windows and headlights!