Your New Favorite Club With Unlimited Benefits

“Cars bring me sheer joy.” Evan Spiegel

Cars, they are our home away from home – our warm transportation during the winter – and often our children’s kitchen, play ground and beds. Our cars are a huge part of our lives. We here at Splash know this, and are here to help you take care of them. While your mechanics keep them running smoothly, we keep them clean and in tip top physical condition. Regular car washes keep your paint optimal, help avoid rust and wear, and keep your interior looking sharp.

The Splash Unlimited Car Wash Club allows you to wash your car EVERY DAY for one low monthly price. If you get your car washed more than once a month – you are likely saving money with the Unlimited Plan. Depending on the location – it often pays for itself in 2.3 washes. Aside from being able to wash your car EVERY DAY – there are many more exclusive benefits. Let’s run through them…

  • Unlimited Club specials each month. Only Unlimited Members can cash in on these bad boys. Some examples of past specials are: Free services like SaltX, Biobomb (car antibacterial), and other free ala cart items.
  • No long term contracts – you can stop at anytime
  • Available at all 53 locations and counting!
  • Unlimited Members wash at any location

Sounds awesome, right? Sign up at your favorite location!