The “NO-VID Fogger” – The Disinfectant Treatment Only at Splash

The ‘NO-VID FOGGER’! The Disinfectant Treatment ONLY At Splash….

  • EPA certified to kill 99.99% of the emerging pathogens in your car.
  • Takes only 15 minutes after the carwash!
  • Disinfects the ventilation system in your car.
  • Smells great!
How It Works: 
Our trained staff places a fogger in your car with your air conditioning system running.  This allows the disinfectant mist to make its way through your entire ventilation system as well as your car’s interior – seats, doors, steering wheel, and all touchpoints. Once the fogger is removed, your car is aired out before allowing you to to re-enter, now free from viruses and germs.
NEW YORK & CONNECTICUT sites are offering this treatment.
Regular Price: $59.99
Points Customers: $54.99
Unlimited Members: $49.99
Stop by your favorite location to book an appointment now, while supplies last!