Splash of Hamden has been a fan favorite for years – from its convenient location right off the Merritt Parkway, to its incredible staff. But we wanted to make it even better. Hamden got itself a makeover in more than one way! We  are  so  excited  for  you  to  see it &  have  a special  offer  for  you!  But  let’s see  what  new,  improved  Hamden  has  to  show  you.

Some key features and updates include:

  • Gave the building a makeover… she is lookin’ GOOD!
  • The tunnel is loaded with all new state of the art equipment including:
    • Mr. Foamer entrance arch that lathers your car in soap
    • New Motor City equipment with state-of-the-art, soft foam cleaning
    • Omni Prep Blasters
    • High side brush with new state of the art foam/cloth
    • New triple foam applicator followed by side to side mitter with new cloth
    • Brand new rinse arches
    • New sealer wax arch
    • New rain bar to provide the best possible rinse
    • Extended drip space for optimal dry time
    • Refurbished tunnel & lights.
  • Full remodel of the store and lobby. Stop in to relax or pick up a gift!
  • State of the art Chemical Distribution
  • Updated Full Service Vacuums for an even better clean
  • New digital display service menus

Take a ride through the tunnel here:

But it’s even better in person. Come see us in Hamden! For the month of June, get a $5 Exterior Wash when you give the cashier the code 203! See you at the wash.
 27 Connolly Pkwy
Hamden, CT 06514