West Haven

New and Improved Splash of West Haven is open and ready for business! We heard your comments, the good and the bad, and made West Haven better than ever.  From new traffic flow to a renovated oil change, Splash of West Haven has so much to offer.

New Tunnel

Brand new tunnel with all new state of the art equipment and lights

All New Equipment

The addition of sprayers ensure your car is perfectly wet before it gets doused with sudsy goodness. And the driers at the end blow the water droplets off until it is left dry and clean.

Newly Renovated Oil Change

Returning customers will notice that the entrance and exit have switched.
Oil Change

New Super Auto Vacuums

The best of the best, and FREE, for our customers. Some of them will feature lights for nighttime use. Also, some will have awnings to keep you cool in the heat.

New Traffic Flow

Easier access, less congestion, and backups.

Building Makeover

Our new building is finished with a stucco finish and all new colors, and the landscape is beautifully made-over with flowers and plants.

Towel Exchange Program

With a 1-time fee of $3, you get a microfiber towel that you can use and then return each visit for a new, clean towel.



No other wheel cleaning system has conquered the unique challenges of wheel and tire cleaning like the Wheel Boss. This all-in-one wheel cleaning system gets in deep to scrub rims and tires to a sparkling clean that brings satisfied customers back.

Mammoth Ear Air Dryer

Our Air Drying System features a compact blower that dries the side of a vehicle from the wheel to the top of the highest SUV—the ideal primary side drying solution 


Don’t get rubbed the wrong way with another tire shiner. Gloss Boss takes a superior approach to messy, wasteful and costly formula rub-on tire shiners. Its patented precision formula application system produces the shiniest tires