Want to give your car that showroom look? Leave your car with us and less than 5 hours later we’ll have your vehicle restored and rejuvenated to a showroom look and feel!

Pickup & Drop-Off Services Available

By Appointment Only

Phase One: Exterior Detail

Phase One focuses on the exterior and begins with an exterior car wash, followed by a thorough cleaning and conditioning of all surfaces on the entire vehicle.

ECP’s XPC-3 Xtreme Paint Correction System



Glamour Finish

Bug and Tar Removed

Chrome and Trim Polished and Dressed

Tires Shined

Phase Two: Interior Detail

Phase Two focuses on the interior surfaces, which are cleaned and conditioned with protectants that retard drying and cracking of leather, vinyl and rubber.

Degreasing of Door Jambs and Panels

Dress Dash and Center Console

Blow Out all Air Ducts

Clean Cloth, Vinyl or Leather Upholstery

Shampoo Carpets and Mats including Trunk

Condition Leather and Vinyl

Polish Wood, Plastic and Graphite

Clean Interior Windows and Mirrors

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